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Accept Payments Online with Stripe

Stripe offers 2 types of setup with Checkout. In either case, the client first needs an account at Stripe.com. Both the Publishable and Secret keys are provided, for both Test and Live modes. To test the examples below, use the Visa test cc of 4242 4242 4242 4242. Or, select a different test card number at: https://stripe.com/docs/testing .

Client Side Only

Stripe has a client-side only setup, which is currently in Beta 4. With this setup, it's relatively easy to set up products and services within the Stripe dashboard. The resulting code can be copied to your website, and the button can be styled with CSS. In this scenario, you have very little control over what the credit card processing form looks like. The "Buy Now" button takes you to a Stripe page, where the credit card information is filled out. You can set up a custom image or logo for the page, and the Product/Service purchased will also be displayed. Upon a successful transaction, the customer is redirected to a "Success" page that you specify.

You are not limited as to how many products/buttons you can display on the page.


Website Hosting $20.00
Website Design $2,000.00

Client & Server Side Integration

This requires the installation of the Stripe PHP Library, which should be done in a local testing environment (localhost) using Composer.

Afterwards, set up both the Stripe client-side code and server-side code, using your Publishable and Secret API Keys.


Sign up for something and pay $9.99 with card.

Sign up for something and pay $50.00 with card.